Digital Business Models

Digital business models refer to leveraging digital technologies to either transform or create new businesses, go-to-market approaches, and/or product and service combinations. This often results in a redefinition or reordering of the value chain and/or approach to the customer, thus altering or offering a new customer value proposition or new monetization path. At the CDS, we seek to understand the nature and type of these changes in model or approach and the role technology plays in enabling them.

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11 Predictions for the Future of B2B Product Marketing

The world of B2B product marketing continues to accelerate at a breakneck pace. It can be hard to keep up with everything. All of this change caused C...

Digital Therapeutics: The Future of Digital Health Tools and Virtual Care

Digital therapeutics (DTx) are an increasingly attractive field from a patient, provider, and investor perspective. Utilization of virtual care and di...

Driving Innovation: Strategies for the Autonomous Vehicle Sector

The autonomous vehicle industry is marching, slowly but inexorably, towards a world in which cars may no longer need humans behind the steering wheel....

Playbook: Go-to-Market Strategies for Mobile Gaming Studios

The mobile game industry is currently worth $68.5B, and many of the largest gaming companies are investing heavily in the space. Many of these larger ...

Chatbots in Enterprise System Management

Chatbots in Enterprise System Management CDS MBA Fellow, Mike Hanley T’19, provides an overview of chatbot technology and explains how they can be u...

Figuring Out Freemium: How B2B SaaS CEOs Should Assess the Freemium Opportunity

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) product adoption has exploded over the past 10 years, with the average business spending $343K on SaaS products in 201...

Voice Technology in Healthcare

The growth in adoption of voice assistants and voice tech is projected to triple to 8 billion devices in use by 2023, and 50% of all searches are expe...

Exploring the Barriers to the Broad Adoption of Cloud Gaming

The global gaming market reached more than $107 billion in 2017, and with the global gaming population forecasted to reach 3 billion by 2021, major g...


Chatbots and the Strategic Value of Conversational Marketing

Drift VP of Operations, Will Collins T’16, explains chatbots and the impact of conversational marketing in B2B.


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Corporate IT \ Roundtable on Digital Strategies
A Digital World: Where Will We Lead Corporate IT?

In October of 2015, the Roundtable on Digital Strategies discussed the impact of the nature of digital and the accelerating pace of technological chan...

Connected Everywhere: The Transformation to a Hyperweb World

The 2014–15 Britt Technology Impact Series examined the transformational impact of the growing hyperweb and the fusion of technology into every inte...

The Business of (Big) Data

In February 2013, the Roundtable on Digital Strategies discussed the potential of the (at the time) relatively new and definitely exciting field of Bi...

The Revaluation of Risk-Taking: European Startups and High-Tech Companies

Would PayPal and Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk have been able to grow his business in a European garage?  Or would the safe smallness of his environ...

Customer Excellence and the Customer-Focused Organization

Members of the European Chapter of the Roundtable on Digital Strategies convened at Clariant International in Munich, Germany, for a day-long discuss...

The Business of Social

Social and collaboration technologies are redefining how people work, play, and shop, and blurring the lines among those activities. “Liking” corp...

Risk Management and Information Security Overview

The Center for Digital Strategies at the Tuck School of Business, the Institute of Information Management at the University of St. Gallen and the Fra...

Balancing Innovation and Operations: Second Generation Enterprise Mobility

Balancing Innovation and Operations: Opportunities and challenges of second generation enterprise mobility. A new generation of mobile IT is driving n...

IT-Enabled Products and Services

The Americas chapter of the Roundtable on Digital Strategies convened in Cleveland at the Eaton Center in June 2013, to discuss the emergence of new p...

Center for Digital Strategies Roundtable
The Internet of Things: The Opportunities and Challenges of Interconnectedness

The Americas Chapter of the Roundtable on Digital Strategies convened for a day-long discussion of the phenomenon of the IoT: What it is, where it’s...

Case Catalog Library

The center develops case studies that help students examine how digital strategies are changing the way firms compete. Our cases illustrate how these ...

Institutionalizing HIPAA Compliance Organizations and Competing Logics in U.S. Health Care

Health care in the United States is highly regulated, yet compliance with regulations is variable. For example, compliance with two rules for securing...


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