Digital Business Models

Digital business models refer to leveraging digital technologies to either transform or create new businesses, go-to-market approaches, and/or product and service combinations. This often results in a redefinition or reordering of the value chain and/or approach to the customer, thus altering or offering a new customer value proposition or new monetization path. At the CDS, we seek to understand the nature and type of these changes in model or approach and the role technology plays in enabling them.

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Fireside Chat with Eric Ly, Co-Founder, LinkedIn

The Center for Digital Strategies at Tuck had the pleasure of hosting Eric Ly on February 24, 2021, for an intimate and informative discussion. In thi...

Online Only No More: The Venture-Fueled Resurgence of Stores

For digitally native brands, what factors motivate their decision to open brick-and-mortar locations? Join CDS MBA Fellow Emily Fox T’20 as she ...

Mobile Gaming Playbook

How should gaming companies approach the marketing, development, and release of their mobile games? In such a competitive environment, test audiences,...

5G Use Cases: Hype vs. Reality

Presentation by CDS MBA Fellow, Nikilesh Eswarapu T’19, provides an overview of hyped 5G use cases and evaluates each for feasibility to help you av...

Voice Technology in Healthcare

Presentation by CDS MBA Fellow, Jenna Romeo T’19, delivers a roadmap outline how large tech companies can and should develop voice tech user int...

Making the Transition to Freemium

How should B2B SaaS companies assess the viability of freemium business model development at their company? CDS MBA Fellow, Ryan Milligan T’19, help...

The Future of HubSpot: A Discussion with Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Halligan

In this fireside chat, moderated by Tuck Professor Lauren Grewal, HubSpot Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Halligan, shares his views on the company’s grow...

Powering the Clean Energy Revolution Using Blockchain Technology

CleanEnergyBlockchainNetwork Co-founder and VP, Frank Curran, discusses how the organization serves electricity users, utilities and ISOs by creating ...


Chatbots and the Strategic Value of Conversational Marketing

Drift VP of Operations, Will Collins T’16, explains chatbots and the impact of conversational marketing in B2B.


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Enhancing Live Events through Digital Customer Engagement

In this Britt Technology Impact Series session, Kurt Schneider, former Harlem Globetrotters CEO and WWE SVP of Marketing discussed the best practices ...

Digital Customers: The Difference between Genuine Fans & Ticket Buyers

Digital technologies are the platforms we can use to connect with fans, but just as important is the message and brand you create to generate those ge...

The Importance of Branding and Live Events

Live events are no longer a “2D experience”. Digital technology allows companies and brands to create 3D touchpoints that enhance event experience...

Social Media & Live Event Brand Risks

Harlem Globetrotters used social media to “allow a new generation to see, access, and fall in love with the brand itself”. Learn how the company e...

Wicked Hard Decisions in the Era of Customer Centricity

Watch the Britt Technology Impact Series interactive session by former Netflix VP of Product, Gibson Biddle T’91. Gib explores a series of decisions...

Transforming Evernote in the Era of Customer Centricity with Chris O’Neill, Evernote

Watch the Britt Technology Impact Series lecture by Evernote CEO, Chris O’Neill T01. In this session, Chris shares  with the audience what he’s l...

Winning in the Age of the Customer with Ted Schadler, Forrester Research

September 13, 2016 Watch the Britt Technology Impact Series lecture given by Ted Schadler, Forrester Research VP and coauthor of The Mobile Mind Shift...

CXOtalk Michael Krigsman
How Chief Executives Think About Digital Transformation with Michael Krigsman, CXOtalk

Watch the Britt Technology Impact Series discussion between founder, Michael Krigsman, and Patrick Wheeler of the Center for Digital Strat...

How the Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Peer Lending are Transforming Financial Services

The 2015-16 Britt Technology Impact Series explored digital transformation and the evolution and emergence of digital business models. This event foc...

Now You Can. Should You? Getting Personal Without Alienating Consumers

Watch MBA Fellow, Justin Holzwarth T’16, present findings from his MBA Fellows research project on personalization in sales and marketing. Justin di...

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology

Watch MBA Fellow, Raghav Gupta T’16, present findings from his MBA Fellows research project on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Raghav explore...

Retailing the Model

Watch the Britt Technology Impact Series panel discussion on changes to retail business models due to digital technologies. Alison Gregg Corcoran T’...


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