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The rapid growth of digital technology and internet-based communications has a significant influence on society. Digital technology now influences every aspect of our lives, from transportation to communication and health to leisure time. At the CDS we feel it’s imperative to understand those changes and how they influence the way we work, govern, communicate and organize society.

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Digital Therapeutics: The Future of Digital Health Tools and Virtual Care

Digital therapeutics (DTx) are an increasingly attractive field from a patient, provider, and investor perspective. Utilization of virtual care and di...

Combatting Algorithmic Bias in Recruiting: The Pursuit of Equitable and Transparent Machine Learning in Human Resources

Combatting algorithmic bias in hiring serves multiple purposes beyond the intrinsic value of pursuing fairness in the hiring process. In addition to...

Pillars of Trust: Methods for Managers to Avoid Losing Trust in the Digital Age

In today’s business environment, breaches of trust are questions of when, not if. Every business model and each business decision contain some ri...

The Changing Workplace, Talent Wars and the Millennial Perspective

Pervasive information-sharing and connectivity are transforming the structure of business, society and work, and with it the nature of the employer-em...

Connected Everywhere: The Transformation to a Hyperweb World

The 2014–15 Britt Technology Impact Series examined the transformational impact of the growing hyperweb and the fusion of technology into every inte...

Deep Shift: 21 Ways Software Will Transform Global Society

Hans Brechbühl co-authored this World Economic Forum report on the impact of software on society with fellow Global Agenda Council members.

The Revaluation of Risk-Taking: European Startups and High-Tech Companies

Would PayPal and Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk have been able to grow his business in a European garage?  Or would the safe smallness of his environ...

The Business of Social

Social and collaboration technologies are redefining how people work, play, and shop, and blurring the lines among those activities. “Liking” corp...


Digital Deep Dive: Center for Digital Strategies Visits China

In the fall of 2018, the Center led a small group of Tuck students to Shanghai and Hangzhou, China to visit with leaders at technology companies.

Protecting Critical Information Infrastructure: Developing Cybersecurity Policy

This article discusses the elements of successful information security practices and policies at developing countries, based on field studies of infor...

Customer Experience and the Customer-Focused Organization

CIOs from ABB, BT, BMW, Credit Suisse, DHL, Hilti, Erste Holcim, Nestlé and Novartis joined executives and academics in Vevey, Switzerland to discuss...

Digital Communication at Dell

Every second two new blogs are created, seven PCs are sold, 2.2 million emails are sent, 520 links are clicked, 1,157 videos are viewed on YouTube, 31...

Managing Risk of IT Disruptions in Healthcare Settings: A Continuity of Operations Planning Process

Over the last few decades, a rapid adoption of information technologies in nearly every facet of patient care in healthcare settings has taken place;...

VIDEO: Winning the Battle for People, Platforms & Profits

Americans are passionate about watching video content in all forms whether it’s a blockbuster film, dramatic series, documentary, sitcom, or funny...

Global Talent and the Next Generation Workforce

CIOs and other senior execs from 3M, Bechtel, DISA, Eastman, Eaton, GM, ING, and Save the Children were joined by academics from Tuck, Duke, and Rutge...

M&A and Divestitures: Integration and Disintegration

Members of the U.S. and European Roundtable Chapters met separately to discuss key drivers of M&A or divestiture activity in the last couple years...

The Evolution of the Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Industry and the Security Risks for Users

This paper examines the peer-to-peer file sharing phenomena, including an overview of the industry, its business models, and evolution. The authors de...

Using and Stewarding Customer Data

How has the view of the use of customer data changed in the last few years? This written overview looks at strategies for meeting and exceeding custom...

This burger is so long it won't fit on social media channels | Burger King
Social Media and the Burger King Brand

With profits decreasing and franchisees unhappy, Burger King needed to take dramatic action and redefine how it was perceived by customers. Instead of...

Delight or Despair

The ability to harness customer data is proving to be a significant source of competitive advantage for service industries. Customers will readily sha...

Developing Railroad Security

Rail traffic is increasingly a target of choice for organized and careful terrorists. Read about what could be done.


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