Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise transformation refers to the structural, cultural and behavioral changes brought on by the injection of digital technologies into all parts of the enterprise. The change to the organizational structure and to the culture inside enterprises has an impact throughout the organization at all levels. Changes include how decisions are made and what skills and talent are needed in this environment, with an emphasis on collaborative leadership, agility and faster decision-making. Nowhere is this truer than in enterprise IT. At the CDS, we focus on understanding how organizations make the transition from an analog enterprise to a digital one.

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Brand Marketing for Mobile Games

The mobile gaming industry generated an estimated $77.2B of revenue in 2020, and is estimated to surpass the $100B mark by 2023. Interest in mobile g...

The Digital Innovation Lab: Key Decisions and Best Practices for Success

When does it make sense to create an innovation lab within an organization? And is it better to create the lab in or near the corporate headquarters o...

Chatbots in Enterprise System Management

Chatbots in Enterprise System Management CDS MBA Fellow, Mike Hanley T’19, provides an overview of chatbot technology and explains how they can be u...

Figuring Out Freemium: How B2B SaaS CEOs Should Assess the Freemium Opportunity

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) product adoption has exploded over the past 10 years, with the average business spending $343K on SaaS products in 201...

Combatting Algorithmic Bias in Recruiting: The Pursuit of Equitable and Transparent Machine Learning in Human Resources

Combatting algorithmic bias in hiring serves multiple purposes beyond the intrinsic value of pursuing fairness in the hiring process. In addition to...

When to Venture Into Corporate Venture

When to Venture into Corporate Venture Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) reached all-time highs in 2018. CVCs participated in $53B of funding across n...

Voice Technology in Healthcare

The growth in adoption of voice assistants and voice tech is projected to triple to 8 billion devices in use by 2023, and 50% of all searches are expe...

Decision-Making: Data and AI

Since the Roundtable on Digital Strategies first discussed big data in 2012, the data explosion has only accelerated. At the same time that enterprise...


The Future of the Automotive and Mobility Sector

Britt Technology Impact Series Video

Tuck alumnus, NYU Stern Professor, and former Automotive Industry Director for Google, Kyle Keogh T'99 explores how the transition to EVs and autonomy will change the automotive sector.

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Data, Decision-Making and AI

The technologies that underpin modern society (e.g. IoT and sensors, social media) continue to drive a massive increase in data of all shapes and size...

Digital Transformation: A Secure Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

The Center for Digital Strategies (CDS) at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and the Owen Graduate School of Management convened a workshop foc...

A Toolkit for Legacy Retailers to Optimize Their Digital Shopper Engagement

Stephanie Yera T’18, MBA Fellow with the CDS, conducted research designed to help legacy retailers understand the threat from e-commerce players...

Autonomous Vehicle and its Value Creation to User Experience

Robin Hwang T’18, MBA Fellow with the CDS, conducted research evaluating adoption of autonomous vehicles and what user experiences are likely to...

Springfield Bank’s Mobile Strategy: Using Analytics to Influence the Next Generation

Springfield Bank’s Mobile Strategy: Using Analytics to Influence the Next Generation Ryan Milligan (T’19 and MBA Associate of the Center for D...

Attivio: Machine Learning for Strategic Insights

Attivio: Machine Learning for Strategic Insights Professor Alva Taylor, Stephen Baker (CEO, Attivio) and Michael Hanley (T’19 and MBA Associate of t...

Deep Shift: Fundamental Changes in Enterprise Technology

The Roundtable on Digital Strategies first discussed the impact of technology mega-trends in 2011, as mobile computing, social media, big data and the...

The Changing Workplace, Talent Wars and the Millennial Perspective

Pervasive information-sharing and connectivity are transforming the structure of business, society and work, and with it the nature of the employer-em...

Recommendations for Enterprises

Business model changes enabled by technology are causing disruption across all sectors of the global economy. Established businesses must recognize th...

Transforming Into a Software Company

Thinking like a software company can help traditional businesses adapt to the change caused by digital disruption and transform into a leading digital...

The Digital Enterprise and Changing Business Models

Digital technologies have penetrated every aspect of consumer life and modern business. The number of connected devices and sensors continues on its e...

Digital Revolution Overview
The Digital (R)Evolution: Transforming Business Models

The 2015-16 Britt Technology Impact Series (BTIS) explored the challenges and opportunities driven by digital technologies in a series focused on the ...


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