Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise transformation refers to the structural, cultural and behavioral changes brought on by the injection of digital technologies into all parts of the enterprise. The change to the organizational structure and to the culture inside enterprises has an impact throughout the organization at all levels. Changes include how decisions are made and what skills and talent are needed in this environment, with an emphasis on collaborative leadership, agility and faster decision-making. Nowhere is this truer than in enterprise IT. At the CDS, we focus on understanding how organizations make the transition from an analog enterprise to a digital one.

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AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing with Bradley Webb T’16, Product & Growth Leader at Surge AI

The Center for Digital Strategies welcomed alumnus, Bradley Webb T’16 to Hanover, NH in April of 2022 for a conversation about the practical app...

The Future of (Remote) Work: Managing in a Remote-First World

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to rapidly shift to remote work. While many companies feared a drop in workforce productivity, data show t...

The Future of Product Marketing

The world of B2B product marketing continues to accelerate at a breakneck pace. It can be hard to keep up with everything. All of this change caused C...

Pardon the Interruption: What Can You Do About Email?

Digital productivity tools, such as email, are meant to make us more productive. But as we collectively drowned in email, Slack messages, and a sea of...

Digital Therapeutics: The Future of Digital Health Tools and Virtual Care

Digital therapeutics (DTx) are an increasingly attractive field from a patient, provider, and investor perspective. Utilization of virtual care and di...

100x: Unlocking Organizational Speed with Mars, Inc. Chief Digital Officer, Sandeep Dadlani

The Center for Digital Strategies and the Tech Club hosted Sandeep Dadlani, Chief Digital Officer for Mars, Inc (home of iconic CPG brands like Snicke...

The Digital Innovation Lab: Key Decisions and Best Practices for Success

When does it make sense to create an innovation lab within an organization? And is it better to create the lab in or near the corporate headquarters o...

Driving Innovation: Strategies for the Autonomous Vehicle Sector

While autonomous vehicles may still be in their infancy, it is nevertheless an industry rife with competition. With so many deep-pocked players, what ...


Self-driving Cars and the Future of the Auto Sector

Britt Technology Impact Series Video

Tuck alumnus, Stern NYU Professor, and Automotive Industry Director for Google, Kyle Keogh T'99, discusses the future of the auto sector and the impact emerging technologies and self-driving cars are likely to have on the way we physically move around our world.

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Online Only No More: The Venture-Fueled Resurgence of Stores

For digitally native brands, what factors motivate their decision to open brick-and-mortar locations? Join CDS MBA Fellow Emily Fox T’20 as she ...

Authentic Marketing: Strategically Connecting with Today’s Customer Amid a Crisis

What does it mean to be an authentic marketer? In a time where every company seems to have a splashy collection of some variation of “Mission, Visio...

Focusing on Trust When Driving Innovation and Growing Intrapreneurship

How should a company drive innovation around new technology in a way that enhances the business while continuing to build trust with its core business...

Transforming the Grocery Store Experience with Technology featuring Laura Scott of Takeoff Technologies

What does the future of grocery look like? What does “micro-fulfillment” mean and how does it apply to grocery stores (and beyond)? If we&...

Computing in the 3rd Dimension: 3D Imaging, Scanning & Printing at HP, Inc.

HP, Inc. General Manager, 3D Scanning and Product Management, Rama Oruganti T’09, explains how 3D imaging, scanning, and printing come together ...

Edge Computing: How Leaders Should Evaluate Investment

CDS MBA Fellow Alex Pandrangi T’19 provides an overview of edge computing and how executives should think about the decision to invest into edge com...

Combatting Algorithmic Bias in Recruiting

Presentation by CDS MBA Fellow, Heidi Fisher T’19, examines the causes of algorithmic bias and offers a framework for managing issues related to...

Voice Technology in Healthcare

Presentation by CDS MBA Fellow, Jenna Romeo T’19, delivers a roadmap outline how large tech companies can and should develop voice tech user int...

Unleashing the Power of Chatbots in the Enterprise

Presentation by CDS MBA Fellow, Mike Hanley T’19, provides an overview of chatbot technology and explains how they can be used by SaaS companies...

The End of Software with Drift Co-founder and CEO, David Cancel

Are we nearing “The end of software?” Drift Co-Founder and CEO, David Cancel, thinks that might just be the case. In this fireside chat, m...

The Future of HubSpot: A Discussion with Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Halligan

In this fireside chat, moderated by Tuck Professor Lauren Grewal, HubSpot Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Halligan, shares his views on the company’s grow...

Self-driving Cars and the Future of the Automotive Sector

Tuck alumnus, Stern NYU Professor, and Automotive Industry Director for Google, Kyle Keogh discusses the future of the auto sector and the impact emer...


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