Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise transformation refers to the structural, cultural and behavioral changes brought on by the injection of digital technologies into all parts of the enterprise. The change to the organizational structure and to the culture inside enterprises has an impact throughout the organization at all levels. Changes include how decisions are made and what skills and talent are needed in this environment, with an emphasis on collaborative leadership, agility and faster decision-making. Nowhere is this truer than in enterprise IT. At the CDS, we focus on understanding how organizations make the transition from an analog enterprise to a digital one.

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Roundtable on Digital Strategies | Tuck School of Business Center for Digital Strategies
What It Means To Be a Digital Enterprise

Organizations are asked to embrace digital change every day. What is it that corporations are really trying to address and why? Two of the chief insig...

Digital Excellence: Naturade

Tuck School’s Center for Digital Strategies takes part in several Executive Education programs offered throughout the year, and in a number of l...

HPE and Ford Motors Give Students Lessons in Digital Transformation and Innovation

Day three of the Technology Career Insight Expedition (CIX) included trips to HP Enterprise (HPE) and the Ford Research and Innovation Center for a lo...

Technology in Action: Social Media Star

Shezad Manjee, Founder and Creative Director of DHD Films shares the experience of the Social Media Star Program.

Retail in the 21st Century: The Value of Brick and Mortar in an Online World

For her research topic last year, CDS Alumni Fellow Isabella Liu T’15 explored how technology is changing business models in the retail space. H...

The Enterprise Applications of Virtual Reality

Research done by CDS Alumni Fellow Alex Russell T’15, Product Manager at Google, offers insight on the adoption of virtual reality technologies ...

A Conversation on the Retail Industry & Digital Transformation

The annual Tech@Tuck conference, hosted by the Center for Digital Strategies at the Tuck School of Business offered a conversation around Retailing th...

Tech@Tuck 2016 Ushers in the Latest and Greatest

Is there a theoretical cap on the number of e-commerce sites? How does a company manage multi-device development? These questions and more were discu...


The Business of Social

Thought Leadership Roundtable on Digital Strategies

Pervasive information-sharing and connectivity are transforming the structure of business, society and work, and with it the nature of the employer-employee relationship. As the millennial generation enters the workforce, they bring their own view of the role of work and career in their lives, along with high expectations of technology and collaboration.

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12 Tech Trends Shaping Enterprise Information Technology

A whole new set of emerging trends are impacting corporate information technology. Here are the major trends impacting corporate IT today.

6 Amazing Technologies – and when you can expect them!

A new Forum report, Deep Shift: Technology Tipping Points and Societal Impact, predicts 21 dates in the future when previously unimaginable innovation...

Inside the Roundtable on Digital Strategies

A week ago, I had the unique opportunity to participate in a session of the Roundtable on Digital Strategies with CIOs from Eaton, Swarovski, Volkswag...

Marketing has hit Ludicrous Speed

Forgive the Space Balls reference and nod to Elon’s Musk’s recent Model S announcement, but the nature of marketing truly has gathered spe...

Cloud Computing is Changing Our Way of Doing Business

Cloud computing is gaining popularity fast because of many benefits for businesses, such as flexibility, cost savings, and scalability, and is also fu...

The Digital (R)Evolution: Transforming Business Models

The 2015-2016 Britt Technology Impact Series will focus on the many ways technology transforms business by enabling new digital business models in a s...

“The Digocene” – Intel’s Tony Salvador Uses Social Science to Explore Hyperconnectivity

“Everything is going digital—everything,” says Dr. Tony Salvador, Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation. Salvador directs research in t...

Rentrak and the Evolution of TV Advertising

Rentrak can tell advertisers highly precise, but anonymous, information about who is watching what shows, and what the demographic characteristics of ...

Using Social Media as a Communications Tool

The reason many companies and nonprofits join social media is because they hear about others using social media and don’t want to fall behind. Ironi...

What’s an Intuitive Explanation of Net Neutrality?

The net neutrality debate was never about whether all Internet traffic should be treated perfectly equally without any prioritization whatsoever. It i...

Digital Drop-In Series Kicks Off With Nest Labs

Earlier this month we hosted Nest Labs in a Britt Series event held via video conference with Nest Partner Development Manager, Jonathan Crimins....

Where Did the Internet of Things Ads Go?

For months those of us that work in the digital space have heard little else but IoT. The Consumer Electronics Show last month was dominated by IoT mu...


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