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Technology innovation refers to the use of technology in new products and services, and the process of the innovation. Technology innovation also commonly necessitates adoption of new methodologies by the user, consumer, or employee. At the CDS, we aim to understand both new innovations enabled by technology and new methods used to drive innovation.

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Connected Fitness in a Post-COVID World

In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of many gyms, driving millions of subscribers to connected fitness companies like Peloton, Mirror, an...

Tackling Innovation Barriers in Frontier Markets: Considerations for Entrepreneurs

Start-ups and tech companies in frontier markets often want to emulate the business models and successes of companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, a...

The Creator Economy: What Might the Future Look Like with Web3?

What is the creator economy? What will the creator economy will look like in the future? Are their advantages of building Web3 solutions for creators?...

A Decade of Disruption: The Future of Mobility

With advances in technology, shifting consumer preferences, and increasing pressure to address environmental concerns, the stage is set for this new e...

The Edge and the Environment: Can Edge Computing Contribute To Sustainability Efforts?

The exponential growth of energy consumption by technology, specifically cloud computing and AI, threatens to undo efforts made to combat climate chan...

Future of Authentication: Password-less Security

For almost as long as information technology has been used in business, we’ve used passwords to authenticate our identities and gain access to I...

Exploring the Disruptive Potential of Generative AI on the Future of Work

The rise of generative AI tools – such as ChatGPT – sparked intense speculation about their potential impact on work and daily life. On Ma...

Fireside Chat with David Sobie T’04, VP of Happy Returns, PayPal

March 28, 2023 The Center for Digital Strategies welcomed alumni fellow David Sobie T’04, VP of Happy Returns at PayPal, back to campus for a fascin...


Unleashing the Power of Chatbots in the Enterprise

MBA Fellow, Mike Hanley T’19, provides an overview of chatbot technology and explains how they can be used by SaaS companies to provide superior products and service.

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The Future of the Automotive and Mobility Sector with Kyle Keogh T’99

February 9th, 2023 The automotive sector is quickly evolving, but what will it look like in the future? The Center for Digital Strategies welcomed Kyl...

AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing with Bradley Webb T’16, Product & Growth Leader at Surge AI

The Center for Digital Strategies welcomed alumnus, Bradley Webb T’16 to Hanover, NH in April of 2022 for a conversation about the practical app...

Digital Therapeutics: The Future of Digital Health Tools and Virtual Care

Digital therapeutics (DTx) are an increasingly attractive field from a patient, provider, and investor perspective. Utilization of virtual care and di...

Fireside Chat with BetMGM COO Ryan Spoon

The Center for Digital Strategies at the Tuck School of Business hosted BetMGM Chief Operating Officer Ryan Spoon for a Fireside Chat on Thursday, Apr...

100x: Unlocking Organizational Speed with Mars, Inc. Chief Digital Officer, Sandeep Dadlani

The Center for Digital Strategies and the Tech Club hosted Sandeep Dadlani, Chief Digital Officer for Mars, Inc (home of iconic CPG brands like Snicke...

Fireside Chat with Eric Ly, Co-Founder, LinkedIn

The Center for Digital Strategies at Tuck had the pleasure of hosting Eric Ly on February 24, 2021, for an intimate and informative discussion. In thi...

Growth, Strategic Partnerships, and Social Media with ByteDance

On Monday, February 22, 2021, the Center for Digital Strategies at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth hosted a discussion of digital partnership...

The Digital Innovation Lab: Key Decisions and Best Practices for Success

When does it make sense to create an innovation lab within an organization? And is it better to create the lab in or near the corporate headquarters o...

Online Only No More: The Venture-Fueled Resurgence of Stores

For digitally native brands, what factors motivate their decision to open brick-and-mortar locations? Join CDS MBA Fellow Emily Fox T’20 as she ...

Deepfakes: Detection and Prevention in the Era of “Fake News”

What are deepfakes? What can companies and their leadership teams do to prepare themselves for a future where deepfake technology is so accessible and...

Mobile Gaming Playbook

How should gaming companies approach the marketing, development, and release of their mobile games? In such a competitive environment, test audiences,...

The Future of China, Technology, and Innovation | A Discussion with Larry Weber

For years, the world has watched as China’s influence in technology and innovation have proliferated, yielding massive gains in annual GDP and econo...


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