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Technology innovation refers to the use of technology in new products and services, and the process of the innovation. Technology innovation also commonly necessitates adoption of new methodologies by the user, consumer, or employee. At the CDS, we aim to understand both new innovations enabled by technology and new methods used to drive innovation.

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CDS Associates Explore: NFTs and the Creator Economy

Earlier this spring, MBA Associates of the Center for Digital Strategies gathered to explore NFTs and the creator economy. Below is a recap of that di...

The Pandemic as a Catalyst: Rapid Transformation for Future Success in Media and Healthcare

On October 23, 2020, the Center for Digital Strategies (CDS) and Center for Health Care (CHC) hosted a pilot “Digital Safari,” bringing together C...

Assessing Risk: Building Cultures of Risk Assessment for Innovation

When strategizing, designing, or integrating a product of any kind into your organization, cybersecurity and risk protocols require a fully integrated...

Retrospective: Fireside Chat with Niraj Shah, CEO of Wayfair

On October 8, the Center for Digital Strategies hosted Wayfair co-founder and CEO Niraj Shah for a fireside chat with the center’s Faculty Direc...

On the Ground in China: Witnessing Digital Transformation at a Global Scale

In the last decade, it has become increasingly clear that the Bay Area has new competition for tech dominance. We’re not talking about Seattle, New ...

The Rise of Data Analytics in the Startup World

Five Experts Share Insights from the Front Lines   The Science of Startups: Embracing Big Data in Entrepreneurship Research Stakeholder/Expert: A...

Lessons Learned from Silicon Slopes 2019

We (CDS MBA Fellows Heidi Fisher, Mike Hanley, and Jenna Romeo) recently had the opportunity to attend the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in Salt Lake Cit...

Digital Deep Dive: Center for Digital Strategies Visits China

In our first meeting as second year CDS MBA Fellows this past fall, we crowdsourced a list of “must know” technology companies: Ping An, an insura...


Unleashing the Power of Chatbots in the Enterprise

MBA Fellow, Mike Hanley T’19, provides an overview of chatbot technology and explains how they can be used by SaaS companies to provide superior products and service.

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“The Digocene” – Intel’s Tony Salvador Uses Social Science to Explore Hyperconnectivity

“Everything is going digital—everything,” says Dr. Tony Salvador, Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation. Salvador directs research in t...

What’s an Intuitive Explanation of Net Neutrality?

The net neutrality debate was never about whether all Internet traffic should be treated perfectly equally without any prioritization whatsoever. It i...

The Mind of a CIO

When the CDS presented me with an opportunity to attend their Houston Roundtable on Digital Strategies, I accepted with the notion that it would suppl...

Sharing Economy – Access Beyond Ownership

This year’s Tech@Tuck is exploring the phenomenon known as the sharing economy.

Tuckies Explore Careers and Tech Trends via Silicon Valley Boot Camp

The Tuck Career Development Office and I took a group of incoming first year students to the Bay Area for a week of learning about the tech industry, ...

Where Did the Internet of Things Ads Go?

For months those of us that work in the digital space have heard little else but IoT. The Consumer Electronics Show last month was dominated by IoT mu...

Taking Your Website Responsive for Tablets, Mobile Phones and Desktops

Besides designing and building a website, taking your website responsive can be your most expensive digital enhancement. In this age of apps and socia...

How Business Leaders Can Stay Digital Savvy: Podcasts

Business leaders need to stay current by continually watching, listening, and learning. Staying up to date is especially hard in the digital world wit...

Healthcare and the Internet of Things

As part of our NSF-funded project on trustworthy healthcare IT, we recently hosted a workshop focused on mHealth. Certainly the internet of things is ...

Healthcare IT: Better Living Through Transparency

Technology is controversial today in U.S. healthcare. Of course, it has given us many amazing life-saving treatments.

From Walkman to iPod: What Music Tech Teaches Us About Innovation

A short history of the songs in our pockets — and how late-comer Apple came to dominate the business of portable music.

Big Things on the Small Screen

Blair Westlake, Corporate Vice President of Media andEntertainment in Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business group, told a Senate commit...


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