Trust, Security & Privacy

Trust, security, and privacy are business imperatives in the digital age and form the foundation on which all businesses are built. Without trust, security, or privacy, organizations fail. Digital leaders understand this and understand how to build and manage their business with trust, security, and privacy in mind.

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CDS Associates Explore: NFTs and the Creator Economy

Earlier this spring, MBA Associates of the Center for Digital Strategies gathered to explore NFTs and the creator economy. Below is a recap of that di...

Assessing Risk: Building Cultures of Risk Assessment for Innovation

When strategizing, designing, or integrating a product of any kind into your organization, cybersecurity and risk protocols require a fully integrated...

Twitch: A Tough Decision Demonstrates Long-Term Thinking

What should a business—and its leadership—do when antagonized by a third party? When thinking about the wider value chain, is there enough value t...

Product Led Growth & The New SAAS Buying Committee

How do you evaluate enterprise software? A free trial? A sales demo? A Request For Proposal (RFP)? A recommendation?  The answer increasingly depends...

CDS Brings MBA Programming to Alumni at Reunion Weekend 2019

Panel Examines Managing Trust in the Digital Age The Center for Digital Strategies has delivered rich learning programming for MBA students for nearly...

Lessons Learned from Silicon Slopes 2019

We (CDS MBA Fellows Heidi Fisher, Mike Hanley, and Jenna Romeo) recently had the opportunity to attend the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in Salt Lake Cit...

CISO Workshop Overview – The MBA Student Perspective

In March, the Center for Digital Strategies (CDS) at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and the Owen Graduate School of Management convened a wo...

Key Strategies for Developing and Enhancing Enterprise Security Operations

Workforce Development: Building the Team Attracting and retaining talent is imperative for building a capable and effective Security Operations Center...


Elevating Privacy ad a Fundamental Human Right

Microsoft Corporate VP, Dep. General Counsel of Global Privacy and Regulatory Affairs, and Chief Privacy Officer, Julie Brill, discusses the importance of privacy in the digital age and the role of large technology firms in elevating privacy as a human right

Roundtable Discussions – MBA Student Perspective: Rethinking Cyber/Information Security

MBA Fellow alumni, Tim McDowell T’17, attended our Roundtable on Digital Strategies back in April 2018 (hosted by LafargeHolcim in Zurich, Switz...

12 Critical Requirements for Security Leadership

As the cyber security industry has witnessed an unprecedented onslaught of data breaches and headline risks in recent years, it has precipitated a fun...

The Senate’s Request of Facebook is Reactionary, Not Principled

Facebook Faces Questioning Over Alleged Bias Against Conservatives in its ‘Trending Topics’ Section.

Quick Takes on the FBI & Apple Case for Data Retrieval

“If Apple is forced to build a backdoor as the FBI is demanding, Apple’s stake in the enterprise market is at least in question, if not in...

Snowden and the NSA Participate in Symposium on Privacy in a Networked World

I recently had the opportunity to attend a symposium on privacy at Harvard University featuring Edward Snowden and the NSA Director of Commercial Solu...

CISOs and Direct Reports: How To Develop a More Strategic Mindset

Today’s chief information security officer (CISO) is facing a new set of challenges. Tuck offers a proven executive education program specifically d...


Do we really need locks that automatically unlock based on a user’s proximity? Borrowing from the idea of “permissions” in computer ...

The Impact of Security Practices – ICIS in Shanghai

Professor Eric Johnson and I recently presented this paper on compliance and security in the healthcare industry.

Data Governance: Preventing Enterprises from Losing Money Because of Bad Data

Data Governance and data quality are about the meaning of data. Only functional expertise from the sales department, for example, can tell when a pros...


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