Trust, Security & Privacy

Trust, security, and privacy are business imperatives in the digital age and form the foundation on which all businesses are built. Without trust, security, or privacy, organizations fail. Digital leaders understand this and understand how to build and manage their business with trust, security, and privacy in mind.

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Brand Marketing for Mobile Games

The mobile gaming industry generated an estimated $77.2B of revenue in 2020, and is estimated to surpass the $100B mark by 2023. Interest in mobile g...

Deepfakes: Detection and Prevention in the Era of “Fake News”

What are deepfakes? What can companies and their leadership teams do to prepare themselves for a future where deepfake technology is so accessible and...

Combatting Algorithmic Bias in Recruiting: The Pursuit of Equitable and Transparent Machine Learning in Human Resources

Combatting algorithmic bias in hiring serves multiple purposes beyond the intrinsic value of pursuing fairness in the hiring process. In addition to...

Pillars of Trust: Methods for Managers to Avoid Losing Trust in the Digital Age

In today’s business environment, breaches of trust are questions of when, not if. Every business model and each business decision contain some ri...

Digital Transformation: A Secure Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

The Center for Digital Strategies (CDS) at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and the Owen Graduate School of Management convened a workshop foc...

Information Risk Management in the Digital Age

Information security dominated the headlines throughout 2017, with debate over the impact of hacking on the US presidential elections and major new da...

Cyber/Information Security in the Digital Age

Threats to enterprise information security are escalating due to a number of factors: increased connectivity with outside vendors; the growing number ...

Hans Brechbuhl | 10 Organizational Cybersecurity Imperatives
10 Organizational Cybersecurity Imperatives

by Hans Brechbühl In recent years, the Center for Digital Strategies has been fortunate to observe and interact with the efforts of a number of large...


Elevating Privacy ad a Fundamental Human Right

Microsoft Corporate VP, Dep. General Counsel of Global Privacy and Regulatory Affairs, and Chief Privacy Officer, Julie Brill, discusses the importance of privacy in the digital age and the role of large technology firms in elevating privacy as a human right

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Leaders from ABB, BMW, Deloitte, Hilti, Holcim, Lloyd’s Banking, Nestlé, Misys and Tetra Pak met to share experiences, strategies, and best practi...

Protecting Critical Information Infrastructure: Developing Cybersecurity Policy

This article discusses the elements of successful information security practices and policies at developing countries, based on field studies of infor...

Managing Risk of IT Disruptions in Healthcare Settings: A Continuity of Operations Planning Process

Over the last few decades, a rapid adoption of information technologies in nearly every facet of patient care in healthcare settings has taken place;...

Assessing Risk in Turbulent Times

This workshop for information security executives was hosted by the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P) and the Tuck School of B...

Cyber Security: Are Economic Incentives Adequate?

Protecting national critical infrastructure assets from cyber incidents is an important challenge. This article examines the threats faced by for-prof...

Information Risk of Inadvertent Disclosure: An Analysis of File-Sharing Risk in the Financial Supply

Firms face many different types of information security risk. Inadvertent disclosure of sensitive business information represents one of the largest c...

Information Risk Analysis at Jefford’s

Jefford’s faces several information security threats and must decide which risks to mitigate and at what cost. Headquartered in the U.S., Jeffor...

The Evolution of the Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Industry and the Security Risks for Users

This paper examines the peer-to-peer file sharing phenomena, including an overview of the industry, its business models, and evolution. The authors de...

Security through Information Risk Management

Protecting against economically-driven threats requires building security into the culture so that everyone can recognize the risks. This article look...

Using and Stewarding Customer Data

How has the view of the use of customer data changed in the last few years? This written overview looks at strategies for meeting and exceeding custom...

Web 2.0 and the Corporation

How will Web 2.0 enable global collaboration and influence marketing and consumer engagement? Experience the written overview as it looks at Web 2.0s ...

Embedding Information Security into the Organization

Risk and business have always been inseparable, but new information security risks pose unknown challenges. How should firms organize and manage to im...


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