MBA Associates

We offer an MBA Associates Program to first-year students to become an active participant in the digital business discussions offered by CDS. The students engage with center staff and faculty, second-year MBA Fellows, and alumni and other executives on digital strategy topics, forming a community of interest addressing technology trends and their implications for business leaders in the digital age. For a list of all previous and current MBA Associates, click here.

  • Rebecca Robinson T’24

    Previous Employers: BlackRock Undergraduate Institution: Colby College Interests: Digital Marketing, FinTech, B2B SaaS, E-Commerce Favorite Place in the Upper Valley: Norwich Farmer's Market

  • Ben Romeo T’24

    Previous Employers: Catalyst Investors; Bank of America Merrill Lynch Undergraduate Institution: Wesleyan University  Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Web3, trust and safety, platform ecosystems, cybersecurity Favorite Place in the Upper Valley: Pine Park

  • Amna Sohail T’24

    Previous Employers: Anthem, Inc.; Elevate Ventures Undergraduate Institution: Purdue University  Interests: Platform business models, Corporate venturing/venture studios, Human-centered design based digital strategies, Digital health/prescriptive analytics in Healthcare, & AI/machine learning. Favorite Place in the Upper Valley: Quechee Gorge

  • Mya Snyder T’24

    Previous Employers: Walmart Undergraduate Institution: Carnegie Mellon University Interests: Enterprise software, edtech, cyber security Favorite Place in the Upper Valley: The trails by the old golf course

  • Alia (Ally) Syed T’24

    Previous Employers: RBC; PwC Canada Undergraduate Institution: University of Toronto Interests: Digital customer experience, cryptocurrency, payments, blockchain, Web3 Favorite Place in the Upper Valley: Dartmouth boathouse

  • Renna Traboulsi T’24

    Previous Employers: Hatch; Queen's University Undergraduate Institution: Queen's University Interests: Digital strategies impact on the fitness industry; what digital strategies mean for human connection Favorite Place in the Upper Valley: Pine Park

  • Betty Tran T’24

    Previous Employers: Jopwell; KIPP Philadelphia Schools Undergraduate Institution: University of Pennsylvania (MS); University of Southern California (BA) Interests: Digital marketing, digital sales strategies, low code/no code technologies Favorite Place in the Upper Valley: Any of the local farms

  • Marnie Wallach T’24

    Previous Employers: Deloitte Consulting Undergraduate Institution: Georgetown University (BA), Johns Hopkins University (MPH) Interests: Digital health, wearables, AI-enabled personalized medicine, health tech for low resource settings Favorite Place in the Upper Valley: Nathan's garden

  • Andy Watson T’24

    Previous Employers: US Marine Corps Undergraduate Institution: Rensselaer Polytechnic University Interests: Connected sports/wearables, consumer engagement/D2C lifecycle, cybersecurity & biometrics Favorite Place in the Upper Valley: Hanover Country Club for walks & runs

  • Tim Wong T’24

    Previous Employers: Cisco Meraki; Uber Undergraduate Institution: Duke University Interests: Cloud, autonomous vehicles, delivery, direct-to-consumer retail Favorite Place in the Upper Valley: Cloudland Farms

  • Weiran Zeng T’24

    Previous Employers: ByteDance; P&G
    Undergraduate Institution: Duke University
    Interests: Entertainment and monetization, the role of data in organization and management, e-commerce and MarTech
    Favorite Place in the Upper Valley: Mink Brook Trail


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