Hacking The iPhone For Fun, Profit, And Maybe Espionage | You Should Listen To This

March 31st, 2017

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The ever-popular podcast, Planet Money, dives into the world of secret backdoors into different technologies – specifically the apple mobile operating system and the market for jailbreaking the iPhone. Jailbreaking basically allows you to download apps and features through an outside source, rather than Apple’s app store, otherwise prohibited on your regular iPhone. That secret backdoor is heavily sought after in China.

Planet Money talks with the original founder of an indexing error that uncovered an indexing error in the iPhone 5s mobile operating system. This is where the story gets interesting. Chinese businessmen, teams of hackers, other hackers, all racing to turn this information into something that would eventually create a jailbreak, all without the original founder (Jonathan Stewart) knowing. $1 million and an all-expenses paid trip were awarded to the winner of the race to jailbreak one of Apple’s popular smartphones.

What have businesses learned? A couple years later, they are now hiring more hackers, and collaborating with hacking teams, to find these exploits and backdoors before they go to market with a new product. Businesses working with hackers to ensure their products are secure – today that is a normal and expected digital strategy.


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