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August 21st, 2017

Topics: Communications Global Privacy Risk Management

We have another winner by Reply All and Gimlet. In this two-part series, the hosts receive a phone call from someone pretending to be a support specialist from Apple Care. Little did they know, they called the wrong person because a couple months later, Alex Goldman tracks down the Indian company who is responsible for this and uncovers an incredible amount of dirt on the ‘IT specialist’ phone scamming business. As unsurprising as it is, there are many different companies that serve as call centers in India. The labor is cheap, and the workforce is plentiful. That being said, there are some companies in India who disguise themselves as a call center for ‘good’ but in fact are really just scam centers.

This episode gives us a concrete example of some common scams that go on in this day and age. The company picks and calls Americans at random and tries to convince them that their apple care account has been hacked or computer has a virus. The prankster then will ask to take control of your computer via a remote portal and then convince you that he/she found a virus in the log history. Once/if that is ‘bought’ by the customer, he says it will cost a couple hundred dollars to remove the virus (of which the virus was never there). This model works and pays very well for the average employee in India. Although there are many benefits of having the internet connect everyone in the world, there are risks such as this that remind us all to be careful with who we trust with our data and give information to.

Questions to think about – can the federal authorities in India do anything about these scam centers repeatedly popping up? How can the US government intervene?


Both episodes are just over 45 minutes long, but worth the time to listen to and learn some fascinating, eye-opening things. This was a great story that started with a simple phone call and ended with a trip to Delhi. You should listen to this!

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