Deconstructing Apple – Research to Practice Seminar

Constance E. Helfat J. Brian Quinn Professor in Technology and Strategy [Bio on Tuck]

This is a new type of course, similar to the Research to Practice small seminar courses, except that we will emphasize more of the practice aspect and work back to some of the underlying research. The course uses the small group format to take a deep dive into a company’s history and evolution – in this case, for Apple Inc.

The course will cover Apple from its inception to the present day, including its initial business strategy in personal computers, its corporate strategy expansion to other product-markets, its international expansion, its marketing strategy, its financial strategy, and the role of its chief executive officer. It presents an opportunity to apply everything that you have learned from your strategy-related courses thus far at Tuck, to learn and apply new concepts, and to learn about the underpin.


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