Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation

Alva H. Taylor Associate Professor of Business Administration [Tuck Bio]

This intent of this course is to provide the frameworks for understanding and making critical decisions in businesses based on innovation and creativity. The course examines:

  • The generation of commercializable new ideas in both new ventures and existing organizations
  • The challenges to building and maintaining an organization based on creativity and innovation
  • Organizing models for generating new innovations
  • Strategies in industries and markets based on creative products

With globalization decreasing barriers to entry, and increasing quick imitation, organizations are looking more and more to innovation as a driver for sustainable success.

In addition, innovation is the cornerstone of new ventures, and a way for entrepreneurs to create new and valuable organizations. The course should be of particular interest to those interested in managing a business where external or internal innovation is a necessity for competition; those interested in capitalizing on personal or organizational creativity; and those with potential careers in new business ventures and consulting for companies concerning new products and innovation.

Case Study – Legendary Entertainment – Film Making in the Age of Analytics
Case Study – Springfield Bank’s Mobile Strategy: Using Analytics to Influence the Next Generation
Case Study – Babylon Video: Product Design and Expansion in the Online Video Industry
Case Study –  Attivio: Machine Learning for Strategic Insights


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