Strategy in Innovation Ecosystems – Research to Practice Seminar


Ron Adner Associate Professor of Business Administration [Bio on Tuck]

In this seminar we will continue to develop the theme of ecosystems, and explore whether and how strategy making needs to change when value creation requires multiple participants to interact. The course itself will be an exercise in joint value creation (with all the risks that that entails). The session formats will vary.

Some sessions will be devoted to discussing academic articles. Others will focus on deep-dive analyses of selected topics (e.g., e-publishing; 3d cinema; electric vehicles and infrastructure). The deep dives will be motivated by a student projects conducted for the seminar. Other sessions will have us engaging with external visitors (think of these more as interviews than presentations).

A subset of topics to be covered includes:

  • Changes in industry structure
  • Multi-sided markets
  • Approaches to technological change
  • Managing external collaborations
  • Managing internal collaborations (solutions)
  • Implications for corporate leadership


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