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We support the infusion of information technology and digital strategies into the curriculum via a collection of courses.

Strategic Change in the Turbulent Digital Age

Change has become the norm in today’s business environments. Competing on knowledge is critical as firms must compete on their ability to create and...

Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation

This intent of this course is to provide the frameworks for understanding and making critical decisions in businesses based on innovation and creativi...

Marketing in the Networked Economy

This course takes an analytical approach to the study of the marketing function in the context of the networked economy. Attention focuses on the chal...

Leading Organizations

The purpose of this course is to develop students’ effectiveness to lead at the level of the entire organization by (1) introducing them to fram...

Deconstructing Apple – Research to Practice Seminar

The course uses the small group format to take a deep dive into a company’s history and evolution – in this case, for Apple Inc. The course will c...

Strategic Principles for Internet Businesses

This course deals with strategy for companies whose business is primarily on the web. The course seeks to uncover strategies through which companies c...

Strategy in Innovation Ecosystems – Research to Practice Seminar

In this seminar we will continue to develop the theme of ecosystems, and explore whether and how strategy making needs to change when value creation r...

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Strategy

E-Ship & Innovation Strategy Ron Adner Associate Professor of Business Administration [Bio on Tuck] The essence of entrepreneurship is new combina...


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