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CDS Expert Panel: Exploring the Disruptive Potential of Generative AI on the Future of Work

Topics: AI & Machine Learning Entrepreneurial Tech

The rise of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT has sparked intense speculation about their potential impact on work and daily life. You might find yourself asking: Will AI tools render our jobs obsolete or will they empower us to be more productive and creative? How will these tools impact growth, and will they allow all – or only some – of us to become more effective, creative, and efficient?

Join the Center for Digital Strategies for an expert panel discussion on the many ways generative AI will shape the future of business and society. Our panelists will explore the current and future potential use cases of generative AI, while also discussing how companies should approach its implementation. We will delve into the risks and concerns associated with this technology and what it means for the future of work. Our expert panelists will offer their insights into the impact of generative AI across various industries and functional areas.

This event presents a unique opportunity for the Tuck and Dartmouth communities to dive deep into the future of work in the age of generative AI and gain valuable insights to inform a critical understanding of this rapidly evolving field.

Meet our Panelists!

Kevin Collins T’99, Managing Director, Software and Platforms, Accenture
Kevin Collins is Managing Director for Accenture’s Software & Platforms industry, based in San Francisco. He works with platforms around the world on issues of growth, safety, automation, and core operations. Kevin developed and deployed many of Accenture’s key platform services, including webscale, trust & safety, applied AI, geospatial, social commerce, and metaverse. He is currently a Fellow at the World Economic Forum, leading an initiative called Defining & Building the Metaverse. 



Brent Dance T’13, Global Director, Apps and Games, Google Customer Solutions
As the Global Director of Apps and Games at Google, Brent leads strategy for apps and games, helping teams transform their studios through Google’s suite of marketing solutions. Prior to this, he was Head of Global Gaming for Google’s Mobile App business, and before that was the Regional Lead for the Americas, driving growth for mobile app startups. Brent is passionate about the power of integrated thinking and machine learning to transform organizations. Previous to Google, he was a strategy and operations consultant, worked at an innovation think tank, and co-founded a consulting company of designers, developers, and engineers.


Yuri Maruyama T’17, Product Marketing Lead, Scale AI
Yuri Maruyama is the Head of Brand & Product Marketing at Scale AI, the data platform accelerating the development of AI applications. As the first marketing hire, she helped grow Scale from a $90M valuation to a $7B valuation. Prior to joining Scale, she was a product marketing manager for VMware’s hybrid cloud offering.




Bradley Webb T’16, Head of Product and Growth, SurgeAI
Bradley is part of the core team building Surge AI into a natural language processing power, with use cases from content moderation to artificial general intelligence (AGI). As employee #4 at Surge, he leads growth and product as the company scales to meet a growing range of needs for some of the worlds biggest technology platforms. Prior to working at Surge AI, Bradley was a Senior Product Manager at Facebook and a Staff Product Manager and Product Lead with AppFolio. Bradley is also a Deep Tech Fellow at OnDeck.

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