Roundtable on Digital Strategies

Customer Excellence and the Customer Focused Organization

April 21, 2015 • Munich, Germany • Hosted by Clariant

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Building on the social media discussion of the fall, and in the context of the digital enterprise and lifestyle, discussion in this roundtable will focus on what it means to have a customer-focused organization, how to enable that focus and how to create the right customer experience. Meeting this challenge requires a focus on the customer that comes from all areas of the enterprise, an increased customer intimacy that creates a great customer experience without stepping across certain privacy and trust lines. Of particular interest was the role of IT in this.  Specifically, participants addressed such questions as:

  • What does it mean to be customer-focused?  How have firms created a customer focused culture?  Who in your company is responsible for this?
  • Who “owns” the customer? Who manages customer interactions and experiences?
  • How do you manage the decision process around customer interactions? How are companies ensuring they get smarter from every interaction?
  • How do you define, identify, capture and disseminate the right customer information to the various parts of your organization?
  • How can you use digital strategies to help all parts of your organization understand changing customer needs and preferences? How do you use technology to integrate the marketing cycle, gain deeper customer insights and communicate more completely? Who controls this, the CMO or the CIO?
  • How are you dealing with the blurring of the dividing line between customer and organization (including pervasive autonomy and self-service and considering consumer buying mega trends)?
  • How do we use the emerging ecosystem to facilitate customer co-creation and encourage widespread innovation and open business models? Is that the right approach? How is the role of social media and much more immediate feedback from customers, perhaps especially end-consumers, changing your value chain’s operations or decisions?
  • How do you use social networking applications to reach your customers (or your customers’ customers), engage them, and gain knowledge from them? Have your customers contributed to the definition/development of new products and services? Can you now personalize products or services more, whether B2C or B2B?
  • What role does personalization play for companies dealing with consumers? Is there a parallel for those who do not deal directly with the consumer? Can you now personalize products or services more, whether B2C or B2B?
  • How do you decide what customer information to share with the other organizations in your value chain? What does social media mean for customer data usage and management? How do you combine data or information from it with other sources to create new knowledge?
  • What are the rising business risks? How do we appropriately protect a corporation’s information assets/IP? Are there other risks we should be considering (e.g. brand integrity, corporate identity)? What do they all mean for security, control, liability?

Hans Brechbühl describes the Roundtable on Digital Strategies.

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