Digital Drop-in: Elissa Kline T’11, Head of Product, Point

Topics: Finance Operations Products / Services

Elissa Kline T’11
Head of Product

The CDS is excited to welcome CDS Alumna Fellow Elissa Kline T’11, Head of Product at Point, for a Digital Drop-in.

About Elissa: After graduating from Harvard, Elissa spent over 3 years at the Wall Street Journal as a Strategy and Operations Manager, where she and her team were responsible for strategic planning, financial management, reporting, competitive analysis, and product development for the integrated ad sales department at the paper. After her time at the WSJ, Elissa joined RentJuice, which was acquired by Zillow during her tenure there, where she was a Product Manager. She has been at point as the Head of Product for 6 years.

About Point: Point is the first FinTech platform where homeowners can sell equity in their homes, giving investors access to a new asset class – owner-occupied residential real estate. Historically, the only way a homeowner could unlock the wealth in their home was to take on further debt. Now with an equity investment from Point, they can de-leverage and diversify their wealth so they can invest in their small businesses, make home repairs, pay off debt, or go back to school. Point is the first consumer finance product that is truly aligned with the customer. When the homeowner does well, Point and its investors do well.

Point is a fast-growing startup backed by top investors like Andreessen Horowitz, located in downtown Palo Alto. Point’s founders have previously founded TrialPay (acquired by Visa), Yub (acquired by, Metails (acquired by, SiteAdvisor (acquired by McAfee), Affirm, SendGrid (acquired by Twilio), and TXN (acquired by Envestnet).


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