Digital Drop-In: Nick Bazarian T’15, Sr. PM, Innovation DBS Leader, Pantone

Topics: Marketing / Sales Risk Management

Nick Bazarian T’15
Senior Product Manager, Innovation DBS Leader

Nick Bazarian T’15 is a Senior Product Manager for Pantone, responsible grow leading growth, strategy and product development for the color company’s small but growing digital business.

Nick joined Pantone in 2015 through Danaher’s General Management Development Program and has rotated through product management, R&D, sales, and most recently went back into product management to launch Pantone’s new digital platform.

Prior to attending Tuck, Nick worked for IBM as an IT Consultant in support of FEMA, leading teams to build and deploy custom web apps following major disaster events. He currently resides with his family in Grand Rapids, MI and enjoys teaching his kids how to ski.

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