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IoT: Opportunities, Challenges and Responses

June 28, 2016 • Warth, Switzerland • Hosted at Kartause Ittingen

IoT: Opportunities, Challenges and Responses Photo

“The Internet of Things represents a network of Internet-enabled, real-world objects, such as nanotechnology, consumer electronics, home appliances, sensors of all kinds, embedded systems and personal mobile devices.”[1]

Or as Chris Rezendes of INEX Advisors puts it simply, elegantly and accurately, IoT is “the instrumentation of the physical world.” Cisco predicts that by 2020 a possible 50 billion devices will be connected. Estimates on some campuses where the next generation is being educated are that the campus needs to be prepared to handle up to 10 IP addresses per student! Everything from clothing (including wearables) to vehicles to machine parts to infrastructure is going online, as are the processes that create them. Companies find they have deployed industrial devices “calling home” that they didn’t know about, and “home” isn’t necessarily them (the company that owns the physical device)! At the same time, IoT enables business opportunities for so many industries from beacons in retail stores to location tracking to remote machines performance monitoring or “Industry 4.0” type applications in manufacturing and elsewhere.

These IoT opportunities also pose new and potentially different security risks and challenges. Not just in the number of “points of entry”, but also because many of the IoT devices are completely outside the boundaries of “normal” systems, yet could be used to control or change key data or physical infrastructure.
[1] The Interconnecting of Everything by the IBM Academy of Technology, 2013

Topic: IoT: Opportunities, Challenges and Responses

June 28, 2016 | Warth, Switzerland

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