Roundtable on Digital Strategies

Technology, Transformation, and Collaborative Leadership

February 17, 2010 • Houston, TX • Hosted by Sysco

Technology, Transformation, and Collaborative Leadership Photo

Sysco, Houston, TX

Members met to discuss the role of IT in today’s world. CIOs and executives from Blockbuster, Chevron Global Upstream, DISA, Eastman Chemical, Eaton, Thomson Reuters, Time Warner Cable, Sysco Corporation and Waste Management participated in this Roundtable hosted by Sysco in Houston, TX.

As corporations emerge from the economic downturn, they face a changed set of circumstances: slower economic growth, amplified uncertainty and risk, new expectations from customers, and increased government involvement in the marketplace. Participants discussed the changes needed within corporations to deal with this business environment and, given the pervasiveness of technology in most aspects of business today, the role of the CIO and the information technology organization in enabling these changes.Topics covered include:

  • Preparing for Growth Under Changed Circumstances
  • Engaging Customers and Managing the Value Network
  • Social Networking and Collaboration Tools
  • Process Streamlining
  • Leadership, Process and Governance
  • Frank Boncimino, CIO, Time Warner Cable (left)
    Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, Director, Center for Business, Technology and Law, University of Texas at Austin (right)

  • Blake Ives, Director of the Information Systems Research Center, University of Houston (left)
    Hans Brechbühl, Executive Director, Center for Digital Strategies, Tuck (right)

  • Keith Sturgill, VP & CIO, Eastman Chemical (left)
    Sam Howe, EVP & CMO, Time Warner Cable (right)

  • Randy Krotowski, CIO, Chevron Global Upstream (left)
    Bill Blausey, SVP & CIO, Eaton (center)
    Kelli Crane, SVP & CIO, Thomson Reuters (right)

  • Eric Johnson, Director, Center for Digital Strategies, Tuck (left)
    John Garing, Director, DISA

  • Puneet Bhasin, SVP & CIO, Waste Management (left)
    Twila Day, SVP & CIO, Sysco (right)


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