The First Super App: Inside WeChat and the New Digital Revolution

Join the Center for Digital Strategies in welcoming the author of The First Super App, Kevin Shimota, for a discussion about WeChat, super apps, and Chinese software innovation, moderated by Kevin Collins T’99.

Kevin Shimota is the former Head of Global Marketing and Partnerships for WeChat at Tencent. Kevin Collins T’99, is Managing Director, Software and Platforms at Accenture, where he works with the leading tech platforms globally, including in China. Previously, Kevin Collins led Accenture’s software and platforms team in China.

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The First Super App: Inside WeChat and the New Digital Revolution

Nov. 2, 2022 | 6:00PM - 7:30PM | Dinner will be served | Cohen Great Hall (Whittemore)

About The First Super App:

China has leapfrogged past the West in many areas of tech – China’s mobile payments have surpassed the United States 100-fold and most Chinese consumers haven’t used cash or a credit card for years – and at the center of this new digital revolution is WeChat, the world’s first superapp. For people in China, WeChat is now the everything app – wallet, social media, messaging, food ordering, bill paying, game playing and much more. And companies across the world are only now racing to catch up by creating a similar, all-encompassing digital phenomenon. The First Superapp provides a glimpse of the future, and Kevin Shimota, a former top executive at WeChat, tells the inside story of how this phenomenon began in the context of China’s unique internet. He tells the story of WeChat’s creation and its climb to become the first superapp, providing insights on the psyche of WeChat’s founder, and of modern China tech to explain the fundamentals of these new innovations and how the framework they form could be reproduced beyond China.

About Kevin Shimota:

Kevin ShimotaKevin Shimota is a leading expert on digital technology in China, having been a senior executive at WeChat with over a decade of experience in the industry. His ongoing work includes speaking and conducting workshops for premier global companies on current trends and innovations coming out of China and how they can be adapted and integrated into the global tech community. A graduate of the University of Washington, Kevin now lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and dog.

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