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The Threat Landscape: Strengthening the Intelligence Response

June 29, 2015 • Warth, Switzerland • Hosted at Kartause Ittingen

The Threat Landscape: Strengthening the Intelligence Response Photo

Today’s “cyber” ecosystem has innumerable participants including multi-national corporations, private firms, NGOs, governments, and individuals. Intelligent adversaries exploiting vulnerabilities in any part of this ecosystem, create incidents that rapidly propagate to unsuspecting members. As we discussed a couple years ago, the World Economic Forum’s “Global Risks 2012” identified cyber attacks as the fourth most likely risk on its top 50 list. It also identified “the dark side of connectivity” as one of three risk cases that describe the links across the many risks — it hasn’t gotten better since.

Corporations, NGOs and governments alike face risks ranging from denial of service attacks from activists to “advanced persistent threats” involving government sponsorship. How are we tracking what is going on in the information/cyber threat landscape? How has that landscape developed in the last 12-18 months? Many organizations are developing a robust intelligence capability — what are the emerging best practices organizationally, process-wise, in sources and tools, etc.

ENISA european network and information security agency

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