Exploring the Barriers to the Broad Adoption of Cloud Gaming

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Cloud Gaming Roadblocks

The global gaming market reached more than $107 billion in 2017, and with the global gaming population forecasted to reach 3 billion by 2021, major gaming and technology firms are racing to build the dominant platform delivering cloud gaming to the masses. Given cloud gaming has been in existence in some capacity for more than two decades, what is holding back widespread adoption?

MBA Fellow Marcus Morgan T’19, outlines the major roadblocks standing in the way of cloud gaming scaling the way video streaming has in the age of Netflix. Specifically, his analysis details three significant roadblocks to widespread cloud gaming adoption:

  1. Broadband constraints
  2. Homogeneous offerings to heterogenous marketplaces
  3. Business model misalignment

By better understanding barriers to adoption, cloud gaming organizations will be able to optimize their strategy and approach to cloud gaming and achieve success.

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“The greatest disruption of entertainment is the combination of streaming and subscription… More people are engaging, with less friction, through cloud-driven services”

~ Andrew Wilson | CEO Electronic Arts

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