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Modern supply chains have to account for the interdependence of global markets, the volatility of world events, and the pervasive connectivity of people and things. Simultaneously, advances in artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and a host of other potentially game-changing technologies are transforming how enterprises interact with suppliers, partners, and customers. In July 2016, the Roundtable on Digital Strategies convened to discuss critical trends in the accelerating digitization of the supply chain, and the consequences of those trends:

  • What are the most impactful factors arising from the evolving connected global economy on supply chain management?
  • How will the next wave of disruptive digital technologies, including 3D printing and the Internet of Things, change supply chain operations?
  • What are the consequences of consumer-grade customer expectations permeating B2B industries?
  • What are the key responsibilities for IT in the developing “data supply chain”?
  • What changes in culture and talent management will enterprises have to make to be successful in the coming era of the digital supply chain?

In July 2016, the Roundtable on Digital Strategies convened in Hanover, New Hampshire to discuss digital supply chain management.  Learn More about upcoming and past Roundtable events.

Participants in the roundtable included CIOs and supply chain executives from the Bank of Queensland, Chevron, Eastman Chemical, Eaton, and Tenaris, as well as academics from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

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