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In February 2013, the Roundtable on Digital Strategies discussed the potential of the (at the time) relatively new and definitely exciting field of Big Data: What could companies do with it, what would be its impact? Would it last, or would Big Data be one of those trends that come quickly and then fades? Just two years later, the impact of Big Data has been so significant that the Roundtable tackled it again – the fastest repeat topic in the Roundtable’s 14-year history.

Members convened at Eastman Chemical in Kingsport, Tennessee for to discuss how Big Data has changed in the intervening 30 months.  How are enterprises using Big Data to drive value, both internally and for their customers?  What is Big Data pushing and pulling companies to do differently in their products, operations, and IT?  This tech trend is clearly not a flash in the pan – but is it evolutionary, or one of those truly revolutionary waves that change the business landscape?

Participants in the session included CIOs and their business partners from Coca-Cola Enterprises, host Eastman Chemical, Eaton Corporation, the Hilti Group, Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions, Taco Bell, and Tetra Pak, as well as the Chief Strategy Office of consultancy Adjuvi and Center for Digital Strategies at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

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