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Social and collaboration technologies are redefining how people work, play, and shop, and blurring the lines among those activities. “Liking” corporate brands has become as commonplace as liking friends, and “Yam Jams” are starting to replace traditional corporate meetings.  Collaboration inside and outside the firewall, and the types and amounts of data these activities and interactions generate, challenge traditional IT’s tools and technologies, and indeed the enterprise’s very business model.

The European and American Chapters of the Roundtable on Digital Strategies convened in Warth, Switzerland for their annual joint session:  a day-long discussion of the current uses of social technologies by and in the enterprise, the different approaches taken by B2B versus B2C companies, and what companies will need to do to be successful with social technologies in the coming years.

Participants in the session included CIOs and colleagues in communications and other business functions from ABB, Chevron, Clariant International, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Eastman Chemical Company, the Hilti Group, Holcim, Schindler, Swarovski, and Tenaris.  The session was hosted by the Center for Digital Strategies of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

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