The Revaluation of Risk-Taking: European Startups and High-Tech Companies

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Elgar Fleisch, Pius Baschera, Hans Brechbühl, Malte Brettel, (20 additional)

White Paper, Center for Digital Strategies, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College, USA; ETH Zürich & University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, August 2015

The Revaluation of Risk-TakingEuropean Startups and High-Tech Companies: A 5-Point Plan to Nurture Global Euro-Champions

Would PayPal and Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk have been able to grow his business in a European garage?  Or would the safe smallness of his environment have prevented him from it? How can European industry make better use of the opportunities of the digital world?

A team of business experts and researchers from the HSG, ETH Zurich and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College (USA) have published a white paper for Europe’s high-tech industry, in which they outline ideas as to how Europe can make internet companies successful. Together with business experts from major corporations and venture capital companies, as well as start-up investors and corporate founders, they worked out a “5-point plan” to boost the global competitiveness of European high-tech start-ups.
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