Britt Technology Impact Series

Digital Customers: The Changing Dynamics of Business

Today’s customers use digital technologies to gather information and seek out options for spending their dollars, whether in a B2C or B2B context. Digital technologies have tipped the balance of power in their favor in ways that demand corporations respond with improved customer experiences, competitive prices and even increased alignment with customers’ values. Wise leaders and corporations are rethinking and redesigning their traditional, more linear, customer journeys to adapt to the new world where customers have more power and control. More data and digital technologies exist today than ever before, enabling executives to lead their corporations with smart digital strategies centered around customer needs.

Why are we seeing so many new business models? How will individuals, executives, enterprises, and industries respond to new players with alternative business models challenging their industries? What role does technology play in enabling these business models? What industries have been most impacted, and which are likely to be significantly impacted in the future? What role does corporate IT play in supporting their enterprises’ creation of new business models? The 2016-2017 Britt Technology Impact Series will explore the rapidly-changing dynamics of customer experience, including how companies can leverage digital strategies to create competitive advantage and win in what Forrester Research calls, “The Age of the Customer.”

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Winning In The Age Of The Customer

September 13, 2016

In this session, Ted Schadler, Forrester Research Vice President and coauthor of “The Mobile Mind Shift and Empowered”, will talk and take...

Transforming a Popular Business in the Era of Customer Centricity

October 7, 2016

Change is never easy, and Evernote CEO, Chris O’Neill T’01, is leading the company through a time of extraordinary change.

Wicked Hard Decisions w/Gib Biddle T’91 of NerdWallet, Netflix and Chegg

October 10, 2016

In this session, Gibson Biddle, Executive-in-Residence for Product at NerdWallet, will talk and take your questions about the best practices of startu...

The Power of Platforms to Transform Business and Customer Relationships

October 26, 2016

The organization of major sectors of the economy are in the midst of a transition from well-defined linear value chains to a more distributed form tha...

Digital Customer Experience at Fidelity Investments

January 30, 2017

The 2016-17 Britt Technology Impact Series is exploring the rapidly-changing dynamics of customer experience, including how companies can leverage di...

Enhancing Live Events through Digital Customer Engagement

April 17, 2017

Join the CDS for a fireside chat with former Harlem Globetrotters CEO and WWE SVP of Marketing, Kurt Schneider D’87. Kurt now consults to live enter...

The Next Big Thing: FinTech and Marketplace Lending

Join the Center for Digital Strategies at the Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum for a fireside chat with Hans Morris, Managing Partner at NYCA Partners an...


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