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September 19th, 2017

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VIPKid is a Beijing based tech startup that is looking to change the way students and teachers approach virtual education. The company is meeting a new demand in China, as parents are increasingly looking for good teachers for their children, as well as providing US teachers with a new source of employment. VIPKid offers an individualized teaching experience by connecting those students with American tutors back in the US through a virtual classroom.

However, learning more about the one-on-one tutoring approach, the rise of education demand in China, and interest in this unique and interesting tech startup is not why you should listen to this episode of Bloomberg Technology’s “Decrypted.” What fascinates me about this ongoing trend is the disruption to a field that has seen little change from the effect of technology in traditional classrooms.

This episode highlights the data-driven approach to online tutoring that provides a specialized learning experience for every student in the program. VIPKid tracks and tags every factor of the learning experience to catalog and measure incremental improvements and outlines processes that need to be changed for better teaching. The company collects over 100 terabytes of data per moth to help develop a better understanding of learning methods, grading, responses, and changes to lesson plans. Additionally, the company utilizes machine learning and AI to better connect students with professor with appropriate teaching styles that match their profile. VIPKid is looking to improve every element of the classroom experience in order to develop better education models and better learning. Teachers use AR, apps, and animation regularly as they tutor children through the virtual classroom. This decrypted episode makes clear the advancements in education to come form the use of data and technology in the classroom.

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