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A conversation with Charles Lebo of Kindred Healthcare

Topics: Big Data / Analytics Privacy Products / Services Risk Management

Charles Lebo, VP and CISO of Kindred Healthcare, discusses the information security challenges of big data with M. Eric Johnson, Dean of Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management.

Topics covered:

  • large amount of data produced by healthcare
  • security and the patient care system aka ransomware
  • the importance of patient care in a quickly evolving digital landscape

The CDS has a commitment and focus on information security and privacy as well as an interest in the healthcare industry.  We offer two programs that address and discuss these issues:

  • Our CISO Workshops feature yearly sessions with peers and colleagues debating and learning about best practices used to solve the industry’s most pressing challenges.
  • The Business Engagement and the Information Security Professional (BESP) executive education course helps develop the business acumen and skills required of information security professionals as the rise in their organizations and partner across their enterprises.

We hope you’ll join us in future programs and discussions on these important topics!

Funding for the November 2016 CISO Workshop was provided by a National Science Foundation grant led by Kotz, called Trustworthy Health and Wellness (THaW). THaW, according to its mission, “to enable the promise of health and wellness technology by innovating mobile- and cloud-computing systems that respect the privacy of individuals and the trustworthiness of medical information.”

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