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Exploring the Disruptive Potential of Generative AI on the Future of Work

Topics: AI & Machine Learning Big Data / Analytics Future of Work Products / Services

The rise of generative AI tools – such as ChatGPT – sparked intense speculation about their potential impact on work and daily life.

On May 1st, 2023, our three expert alumni panelists gathered to answer the following questions: Will AI tools render our jobs obsolete or will they empower us to be more productive and creative? How will these tools impact growth, and will they allow all – or only some – of us to become more effective, creative, and efficient?

Our panelists explored the current and future potential use cases of generative AI, while also discussing how companies should approach its implementation. Watch the recording to learn more!

Panelists included:

Kevin Collins T’99, Managing Director, Accenture
Yuri Maruyama T’17, Product Marketing Lead, Scale AI
Bradley Webb T’16, Head of Product and Growth, SurgeAI

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