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How to Deliver the Digital Infrastructure with Cyber Security Top-Of-Mind

Topics: Enterprise IT Infrastructure Privacy Risk Management

Watch Adam Golodner discuss the importance of developing digital infrastructure with cyber security in mind with Patrick Wheeler of the Center for Digital Strategies.

Adam GolodnerAdam Golodner (panel moderator)
Kaye Scholer’s Complex Commercial Litigation Department
CDS Executive Fellow

Adam Golodner is a Partner in Kaye Scholer’s Complex Commercial Litigation Department and Leader of the Global Cybersecurity & Privacy Group. With a unique career spanning more than 20 years of leadership positions in business, academia, and government, Adam is well recognized for providing high-impact strategic advice and resolving complex issues at the intersection of technology, security, national security, innovation and economics.

Prior to joining Kaye Scholer, he spent ten years running global cyber policy for Cisco Systems, Inc., and served in government (Justice Department, Agriculture Department, The White House), and academia (Dartmouth College, ISTS). He has deep experience with the issues facing private and public-sector clients in critical information infrastructure sectors and focuses on existing and proposed cybersecurity laws and policies, litigation, corporate governance, and transactions. He also advises on regulatory and compliance matters, including in the antitrust arena, helping clients to develop effective and efficient programs and representing them in investigations and related litigation brought by various US and international regulatory regimes. Adam is also a Senior Advisor at The Chertoff Group and a member of Business Executives for National Security.

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