Where Do I Go Now? | You Should Listen To This

November 1st, 2017

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In our daily lives, we rely on the use of technology to guide us, connect us, and drive a new age of access to information at the tips of our fingers. In so many ways technology has benefited individuals, businesses, and society, but perhaps one question that is not asked very often is what do we lose when technology takes over our routines?

This question is explored in the latest episode of WNYC’s Note to self, in which the host of the show looks at the larger implications of the widespread and total acceptance of GPS. GPS is not a recent invention, but it’s clear the days of paper maps have flown out the window. The question remains how widespread use of GPS is changing our technology, culture, and our minds?

It is an interesting question to ponder. The reason you should listen to this podcast is that it considers the consequences of handing over our physical selves to an automated process. The podcast starts by noting how personal inhibitions are lost when coupled with technology, and asks why machine-human combinations lead to bad behavior. This episode advances a deeper understanding of the human processes lost with the over-reliance of GPS. Research studies have latched onto a notion of each individual’s ‘Cognitive Map,’ a perception that forms over time and helps us develop a larger understanding of the world around us. The episode recounts numerous stories of people finding themselves in terrible situations having not paid attention, or overly relied on the GPS to guide them to their destination. However, the larger implications for this question remains to be the way we interact with one another in a digital space and what that means for the future of tech. In some regard technology and the web advances a self-centered perspective, as we move through the world with technology catering to personal trends and desires. This metaphor for the digital world suggests that people turn off part of themselves when relying on technology, and you should listen to this podcast to learn more about abdicating personal decisions and handing that control over to tech.

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