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Multi-Screen Consumption: Data-Driven Content Delivery and Ad Spending

April 21, 2015 • Tuck School of Business

Multi-Screen Consumption: Data-Driven Content Delivery and Ad Spending Photo

Consumer consumption of television and movies is changing, causing the entertainment, television and advertising industries to adapt how they manage their businesses. The rise of hyperconnected, multi-screen viewers is a challenge for content producers, distributors, and advertisers trying to capture and understand these new consumption patterns.

Rentrak COO and CFO, David Chemerow T’75, will discuss the challenges and opportunities for content producers, distributors, and advertisers operating in today’s hyperconnected world. How are consumption patterns changing among viewers? What impact will changes have on content creators, distributors, and advertisers? Has our appetite for advertisements changed with our changes in viewer habits? What new opportunities exist to reach hyperconnected viewers? How much data is being created by ‘always-on’ viewers and what opportunities exist as a result of these data? This discussion addressed these questions and many more.

David Chemerow T’75, COO and CFO, Rentrak
David Chemerow is dedicated to helping investors and prospective clients understand Rentrak’s story and vision for the future. As the company’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, David works to ensure that Rentrak is making progress on its strategic and operational initiatives and helps to negotiate significant business deals. “Rentrak’s approach to the measurement business makes us unique in the marketplace,” David says. “The quality of our team and the products we’ve developed help us meet our goals and grow our company every day.”

David has a solid foundation in finance and operations, with more than 35 years spent in the field. Prior to joining Rentrak, David most recently served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Olympus Media LLC, an outdoor advertising company. David also served as Chief Operating Officer of ADcom Information Services, Inc., a TV measurement company, and Chief Operating Officer of GT Interactive Software Corp., a computer games publisher.

David was the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. until it was sold in 2011. He previously served as Executive Vice President, Finance and Operations and Chief Financial Officer for the company. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Dunham’s Athleisure Corp., a sporting goods retailer. When he’s not flying across the country meeting with investors and speaking at financial conferences, David likes bike riding, scuba diving, attending theater and sitting down with a good book at home in Oregon, with his wife and two very spoiled Siamese cats.


Chris White T’15 sits down with David to discuss media tracking.

Media Tracking

David discusses media tracking as it is today and how it might be in the future.

Audience Measurement on Devices

Consumption patterns may be changing, but not the way you might suspect.

How we got here.

What media tracking looked like just 5 years ago.

  • David Chemerow T'75 begins his discussion with the full room.

  • Mathias Machado T’09, Associate Director of Career Development at Tuck, asks David a question.

  • David looked at the history, present and possible future of media tracking.

  • Center MBA fellow, Weslay Xu T'15, listens in with classmates and Tuck faculty and staff.

  • Nicholas Bazarian, center MBA fellow (red shirt back left) and center intern, Tiantian Zhang (center right in black shirt) also listen to the presentation.

  • David responds to the question about how advertisers can match their target audience with real data.

  • Rentrak keeps no personally identifiable information - so privacy is no concern.

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