MBA Associates Program

We are pleased to announce the MBA Associates for the class of 2025! Meet the T’25 Associates here.

The MBA Associates Program offers structured opportunities for first-year Tuck students to learn about digital strategies via direct engagement with CDS. The program enables students to actively participate in digital business discussions, with an emphasis on peer-to-peer content exploration.

Several times a term, MBA Associates assemble for discussion-based learning sessions led by members of the group. Students pick the topics, identify initial discussion questions, and source discussion content. Center staff and faculty facilitate by sharing knowledge and asking relevant questions.

Here’s what past MBA Associates have to say about the program:

“The MBA Associates Program was the most important thing that prepared me for my interviews. It became the one place at Tuck where I was challenged to think on my feet, to understand future trends, and to have constructive discussions with my peers. It is a place where I wasn’t trying to be ‘right,’ but just trying to learn, chat, and have a good time.” Molly Tyler T’19


“I miss working in the technology space [and] being immersed in a constantly evolving and changing media landscape. This program has been my connection to my previous world. I greatly enjoyed being a part of a community that makes me think differently about digital trends, questions, and challenges.” Jamie Mittelman T’19


We invite applications at the end of the Summer term, and the program starts at the beginning of Fall term. For more information, email center Executive Director Patrick Wheeler.

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