MBA Fellows Program

The Center for Digital Strategies offers an MBA Fellows program for second year students looking to expand upon their understanding of digital strategies and the impact of technology on the future of general management. The program consists of a diverse mix of students from a wide variety of backgrounds, which enhances peer-to-peer learning. Students are challenged to grow via hands-on learning opportunities, and are encouraged to build their networks and share their knowledge with the CDS community.

The program is highly competitive, with selection open to second-year students. Applications for the CDS MBA Fellows program are accepted in the Winter Term for the forthcoming academic year.

“As a fellow, I learn from my diverse and experienced peers, actively discuss the latest digital trends and challenges, and grow in both depth and breadth of knowledge and skills in the tech space. I love how the CDS, and the Fellows program in particular, allows me the space and support to dive deep into tech while at Tuck.”
Carly Wolberg T’23

CDS T’22 Fellows Lailai Zhou, Dylan Yalbir, Sam Lilienfeld, Eva Grant, and Sergei Krasovski on a CDS-sponsored trek to Puerto Rico, pictured with John Bozek and Sam Talman from Invest Puerto Rico.

As an MBA Fellow, you will have the opportunity to:

Connect to a Powerful Network – Join our powerful network of alumni, faculty, and global leaders with deep expertise leading in the digital age. The center’s vast and diverse network allows you to connect with thought leaders on the front lines of the digital age around the globe.

Learn by Doing – Unlock the knowledge you’ve gained at Tuck via corporate-sponsored experiential learning projects, global learning deep dives, and visits to tech and digital companies. Partner with leading digital firms to work on highly connected, personal, and transformational digital projects.

Contribute to the Tuck Community – Join your peers for networked learning sessions focusing on current issues that matter to you. Share your knowledge and expertise with the wider Tuck community and build your brand as a digital leader.

Acquire and Hone Business Skills – Take advantage of opportunities to acquire and hone both hard and soft skills through the center. Fellows work with the CDS team to learn about research, business writing, public speaking, negotiation, digital marketing/analytics, and other important skills needed in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Other opportunities for MBA Fellows:

  • Interact with center-affiliated visiting executives
  • Create Digital Insight Projects
  • Propose, promote, and manage Tuck and CDS events
  • Travel domestically and abroad for learning deep dive trips

What past CDS Fellows have to say about their experience:

“The Center for Digital Strategies was the community of curiosity that I came to Tuck for. The alumni and current fellows that I have met through this center have radically enhanced my understanding of the digital technology landscape. From bi-weekly digital drop-ins to the center-sponsored trek to Puerto Rico, CDS consistently delivered learning opportunities that felt real, connected, and engaged.”
Eva Grant T’22,  Corp. Development Rotational Program, Liberty Mutual


“The CDS Fellowship is competitive, which I think is critical to its value. Tuck finds ways to reward the effort of highly motivated students, and the center was a key part of that puzzle for me. I view the fellowship as an earned opportunity to go deep on tech with other students who put in the work to be well informed and value a community that will push each other. CDS also gives fellows significant domain specific support – Patrick [Wheeler, CDS Executive Director] put more time into my development at Tuck than anyone besides my wife!”
Dan Foran T’22, Product Manager, Zitara


“The MBA Fellows program presented countless opportunities for us to dive deep into the world of digital and its impact to business, society, and people.”
Robin Hwang T’18, Sales Manager, Mid-Market Sales, Google


“Being a CDS MBA Fellow was definitely a highlight of my Tuck experience. I can’t wait to be a proud CDS alum.”
Sravya Yeleswarapu T’18, Sr. Product Manager, Amazon Global


If you find yourself wanting more access to digitally-savvy executives, seeking a community of diverse perspectives, and looking for opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in a digitally-focused environment, the CDS MBA Fellows Program could be a great fit. For more information, email center Executive Director Patrick Wheeler.

View the bios of current fellows and alumni fellows who have gone through the program on our website.


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