CDS is comprised of, and collaborates with, a diverse group of talented individuals from the Tuck and Dartmouth communities, the worldwide academic arena and the global world of business. We group these talented individuals into cohorts of fellows from the student, business, academic and alumni communities to foster deeper understanding of the issues relevant to our areas of expertise. These networks of fellows play a pivotal role in furthering our thought leadership.

  • MBA Fellows

    We offer an MBA Fellows Program for second-year students interested in digital technology and its broad impact on business today. The program offers unique networking opportunities with the center’s visitors ...

  • MBA Associates

    We offer an MBA Associates Program to first-year students to become an active participant in the digital business discussions offered by CDS.

  • Executive Fellows

    We actively partner with executives from industry, consulting or government setting on areas of mutual interest. Executive fellows advise, guide and collaborate with the center on shared topics of importance through workshops and roundtables, papers and cases, or engagement with students.

  • Research Fellows

    Research fellows engage in funded field studies and joint research with other institutions, focusing on such issues as collaboration in the extended enterprise, innovation networks and balancing security and transparency in supply chain management.

  • Alumni Advisors

    In order to provide students with exposure to additional industry and functional expertise, we partner with a select group of Alumni Advisors who lend their expertise to the center and our MBA Fellows.

  • Alumni MBA Fellows

    Our network of alumni MBA fellows is a rich community of vibrant executives and entrepreneurs that shared a truly unique experience in the center while at Tuck. As fellows of the center, their interest in information technology was fostered ...


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