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CDS MBA Associates Info Session

Join us to learn more about the MBA Associates Program, our MBA student program for first-year students!

The MBA Associates Program allows students with diverse backgrounds relevant to digital strategies the opportunity to participate in a discussion-based learning environment. The program centers around networked-learning sessions where students learn from their peers, and the center team, in a supportive environment focused on knowledge sharing and debate. All sessions focus on current topics of interest to students in the group.

Hear what past CDS MBA Associates have to say about the program:

“The CDS associates program provides students, who are passionate about current technology trends and innovation, a forum to engage in meaningful and insightful discussion. By participating in this program, I was able to apply my previous experience and classroom learnings to present-day events that are deeply compelling to me. This program added experiential learning opportunities that significantly enhanced my first year Tuck experience. For anyone who is interested, I would highly recommend the CDS associates program.” -Will Maness T’21

Élise Sauvé Tuck MBA Associates“The CDS Associates program enabled me to develop a point of view on digital and tech topics that I would not necessarily have taken time to analyze independently. It was incredible to learn from other associates, some of whom have deep expertise in certain areas, and pause during our busy weeks to reflect and discuss these topics. I also enjoyed being in contact with the associates through an informal chat and being able to react to tech news in real-time and get reactions from the group.” – Élise Sauvé T’21

October 6, 2020 | 12:00-1:00pm | Zoom

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CDS MBA Associates Program

October 6, 2020 12-1pm, Zoom

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