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Digital Drop-In: FLEXE

March 26, 2015

karl-photoKarl Siebrecht T’96 is the Co-Founder and CEO of FLEXE, Inc. – the Marketplace for Warehouse Space. Their online technology platform is revolutionizing the way that companies optimize their commercial warehouse capacity across seasonal dynamics and business cycles. Karl discussed his company, their place in the sharing economy, market dynamics related to the sharing economy, and answered questions from MBA students. This was a private event for center MBA fellows and selected Tuck students.


About Digital Drop-Ins (DDIs)
The Digital Strategies’ DDI videoconference series allows our MBA Fellows the chance to have intimate conversations with key technology leaders. Hour-long sessions focus on a particular topic or range of topics of interest to the fellows, and enable the small group to participate in an engaging discussion about a key element of technology and how it impacts or drives corporate strategy from the perspective of the guest speaker. Fellows come away from each Digital Drop-In with a clearer sense of each guest’s perspective on an issue or topic impacting his or her enterprise in a significant way.

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