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No-code/Low-code Workshop

Topics: Entrepreneurial Tech Mobile Products / Services

Learn to build products without code! The session will cover what no-code is, who should use it (startups, knowledge workers, just for starters), why it’s helpful (speed, efficiency, and learning) and an overview of the current landscape of tools to use to get started! Part of the session will be spent getting your hands dirty building within Zapier. This workshop is strongly recommended for any Tuck students recruiting in tech. No experience necessary.

This workshop will be led by Derek Williamson, a startup advisor, investor, and enthusiast with over 15 years of experience starting, running, and selling businesses. As a non-technical entrepreneur, Derek has embraced no-code tools, using them himself for prototyping and automation, and deploying them into the companies he is involved with. Derek is a current Partner at Speaker Ventures, which acquires VC-funded companies that need a different path for growth. Derek is the former CEO of HigherMe, a restaurant hiring platform that acquired in 2021. Derek holds a degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University in Canada.

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