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Tech 101: Digital Business Models

Join the Center for Digital Strategies as we translate foundational technology concepts into easy-to-understand language to help you prepare for careers in a world dominated by digital businesses.

This session focuses on Digital Business Models, with emphasis on:

  • What are common digital business models, including SaaS, marketplaces, freemium, etc.?
  • What makes these business models different?
  • Why would companies move to a new business model?
  • How should business leaders think about digital business models?
  • What are some examples of digital business models used by familiar companies?
  • What metrics are important for measuring the health of digital businesses?

Come for a casual learning session and share what you know about the topic with your peers.

NOTE: By student demand, this is a repeat of the same learning session we hosted in September 2022. If you attended the past session, you are still welcome to come again to refresh your understanding of the material!

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