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Workshop: Create your Own GPTs

Topics: AI & Machine Learning Entrepreneurial Tech

Join the CDS to learn how to build within OpenAI’s GPT Builder. We will work in teams to create custom GPTs based on your own prompts, problems, and creative ideas- the sky is the limit! No coding experience required!

From OpenAI:

GPTs are a new way for anyone to create a tailored version of ChatGPT to be more helpful in their daily life, at specific tasks, at work, or at home—and then share that creation with others. For example, GPTs can help you learn the rules to any board game, help teach your kids math, or design stickers.

Anyone can easily build their own GPT—no coding is required. You can make them for yourself, just for your company’s internal use, or for everyone. Creating one is as easy as starting a conversation, giving it instructions and extra knowledge, and picking what it can do, like searching the web, making images or analyzing data. Try it out at

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