Reflections on the MBA Fellows Program

June 10th, 2024

Each year, the CDS’s MBA Fellows Program brings together a cohort of exceptional second-year MBA students who seek to deepen their understanding of digital strategies and the impact of technology on the future of management. Participants grow through hands-on learning experiences, expanding their personal and professional networks, and opportunities to share their insights with the CDS and broader Tuck community through their research insight projects.

Before the Class of 2024 bid farewell to the Upper Valley this past weekend, six of our students reflected on their time as MBA Fellows and came up with some thoughtful advice to share with the forthcoming generations of tech-focused Tuckies. Please enjoy the following student spotlights, and get to know each of these remarkable people in their individual blog posts linked below.

We wish all our Fellows the best as they begin their post-MBA careers in the coming weeks!

Ashwin Chandrasekhar T’24

“The CDS curates an experience for you that is entirely your own. If you know what you care about, CDS will open doors, conferences, and contexts for you to supercharge your passion.”

Learn more about Ashwin’s experience as a CDS Fellow here.


Beth Bollinger T’24

“Prior to joining the CDS, I had a lot of experience and interest in technology, but only on the engineering/technical side. I came to both business school and the CDS to pivot into a strategic role and learn more about digital business models, the effects of technology on different industries and society, and best practices for leaders. I definitely did all that, but the best part of the fellows program was the people.”

Learn more about Beth’s experience as a CDS Fellow here.

Claire Gaffney T’24:

“My CDS research project provided such a rich learning experience and allowed me to integrate different parts (and perspectives!) of the Dartmouth campus into my thinking, including the Engineering school, Philosophy department, and Center for Technology and Behavioral Health.”

Learn more about Claire’s experience as a CDS Fellow here.

Manasa Buddharaju T’24

“If you find yourself feeling insufficient, it is probably because you are searching for the best you, in the wrong place. At Tuck, I felt most ‘me’ and most engaged at CDS!”

Learn more about Manasa’s experience as a CDS Fellow here.


Tim Wong T’24

In my mind, CDS is required for anyone with even a passing interest in the world of tech, and as a Fellow, that really where I started to understand the access that Tuck can grant, from industry leaders lending their time to speak about my research project, to receiving nuggets of wisdom from younger alumni.

Learn more about Tim’s experience as a CDS Fellow here.


Tom Lucy T’24

“The best part of being involved with the center so far has been the opportunity to attend NVIDIA’s GTC conference in San Jose. At GTC, we both learned from experts in computing and AI and connected with companies on the cutting edge of digital technology. This opportunity is representative of Tuck’s and the CDS’s emphasis on supplementing academic instruction with experiential learning.”

Learn more about Tom’s experience as a CDS Fellow here.

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