Business Engagement and the Information Security Professional

Business Engagement and the Information Security Professional

Tuck’s Business Engagement and the Information Security Professional executive program (BESP) is designed specifically for heads of information security (CISOs) of the Global 1000, their direct reports, and other senior information security managers who interact with colleagues across the enterprise.

Program Topics

These topics will be presented through a variety of methods, including case studies, lectures, interactive discussions, and individual and small-group exercises.

  • Leadership, Power, and Influence: Examine how concepts of influence and power can define authority and control, and how effective leaders influence others and effect change.
  • Financial Statements and Business Analysis: Understand corporate financial statements, their use, how they relate to metrics for evaluating business performance, and why they matter.
  • Financial Cost-Benefit and Project Funding: Understand forecasting and financial decision making, especially as it relates to project funding and how CFOs view investment decisions.
  • Risk, Investment, and Decision Making: Acquire deeper understanding of the psychology of risk, information security as risk management, decision-making biases, and risk analysis in uncertain conditions.
  • Effective Communications Approaches: Refine your communications strategy by sharpening your objectives, analyzing your audience, and honing your message; enhance your understanding of the importance of corporate-reputation protection.
  • Best Practices in Information Security: Exchange best practices and approaches to real-world security issues with a group of colleagues who share your concerns and challenges but bring different perspectives to the table. Learn an information security risk assessment methodology used in a Global 500 corporation today.


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