Agile Software – I Want My WebTV!

Topics: Culture Social

M. Eric Johnson, Hau Lee
Length: 16 pages
Publication date: 2002
Case#: 1-0074

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Preview: Carol Schrader shifted in her chair, trying to focus on the conversation bouncing around the room. It wasn’t that she was uninterested in the topic. The group was debating the strategic direction of the firm’s software products. But like a jeep caught in the deep ruts of a muddy road, her thoughts kept falling back to the week’s stock market headlines. August of 1999 had not been a kind month for NASDAQ initial stock offerings. In fact, the whole summer was beginning to feel like a downward spiral. The worst headline had appeared that morning on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, “For Net-IPO Party, the Balloons Begin to Pop.”

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