Information Risk Analysis at Jefford’s

Topics: Operations Organizational Structure Risk Management

Hans Brechbühl, Chris Dunning, Stephen G. Powell
Length: 8 pages
Publication date: 2008
Case#: 6-0029

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Jefford’s faces several information security threats and must decide which risks to mitigate and at what cost. Headquartered in the U.S., Jefford’s, a fictitious Fortune 500 company, is growing rapidly with much of the expansion coming in emerging markets. They face numerous risk management decisions, including how to mitigate problems with stolen/lost laptops, malware, fraudulent website transactions and protection of personally identifiable employee data.

This case can serve as a good basis for a discussion on information security and risk management approaches. In Part B, the case provides detailed data on which to do a cost/benefit analysis, and with the help of the teaching note, creates a robust Monte Carlo simulation using Excel and Crystal Ball or similar software.

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