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October 17th, 2017

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Tuck School’s Center for Digital Strategies takes part in several Executive Education programs offered throughout the year, and in a number of locations. The “Digital Excellence Program“, offered in partnership with Google, was first offered in June 2015 and is geared towards the Minority Entrepreneur. The goal of this program is to provide participants with the tools needed to bring their digital marketing and communication skills to the next level. Sessions vary in topic from Google Analytics, to AdWords, to business leadership skills.

The Founder and CEO of InnovatorsBox, Monica H. Kang, gave us a bit of time to talk about her Tuck experience, and the digital strategy impact of the program.

At a time where we literally sleep with our phones and spend more than 50% of our lives with technology, getting a stronger grasp on digital marketing as a business owner is pivotal. We know our customers are there and our next big client. Even as a millennial business owner, I knew that I could always do more with my digital marketing and google tools but felt like I never had the time or resources to. This experience changed my whole paradigm on it.

Not only was I able to spend quality time with top experts to learn, reflect and strategize I was also among allies who were going through the same challenges which made the learning a lot more fun and insightful.

As I exchanged information and learned from other minority business owners, we quickly learned how we can all win and help one another. I’m so grateful that this program exists and even more grateful for Google Supplier Diversity’s effort to go out of the way to support and help me be here. Look forward to continuing learning and growing.

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Monica H. Kang, Founder and CEO, InnovatorsBox
Digital Excellence, May 2017

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